Why Parents Are Choosing US



Real-life Success Stories


Kids see Arkaso as their second family. 

We don’t treat each child as a customer, but rather as our own.  “Kelly” is 2 years old and she developed severe anxiety issues at her old preschool. She did not want to go to school and she cried a lot at drop off time.  Within one month at Arkaso, her anxiety is completely gone and she looks forward to attending school and she knows all her teachers’ names.  One day, her older sister was at home, so her parents decided to keep “Kelly” home.  However, she insisted that she wanted to go to Arkaso. She generally brings food from home and one Friday, she bought food at school.  Turns out she told her mom that she wanted to go to school early that day, and because her food was not ready yet, she did not want to wait to get her food cooked.  Our low teacher and student ratio, caring and loving staff allowed “Kelly” get over her anxiety issues and develop a positive attitude towards learning and social settings.


Kids are submerged in learning and fun at school

A parent; “Sometimes, I am in the lobby and she can see me from her classroom, but she is so busy learning and interacting with teachers and classmates that she will pretend not to notice me. This makes me feel that we have chosen the right school for our daughter.”

Parents are amazed with what their kids are learning at Arkaso


“Jon” is 2/1/2 years old and was reciting all the months of the year and days of the week and he can tell how many months are left before his birthday month.

“Molly” is 3 and she is learning to read and write at school. Her parents are amazed with her progress.  They are very busy with her little brother at home, so they rely on Arkaso to get their child ready for “big kid school”.'


Optional nap time

 If a child does not like to nap, they have a choice to stay in a classroom with a teacher. Children engage in a wide variety of quiet activities and do school work to get ready for kindergarten.

Reading is a very important skill and a love of reading needs to be nurtured early

 Arkaso has dedicated time for building on reading skills.  Our parents are excited to see the development in their children. “Mike”, a 2 year old, starting saying phonics sounds of letters when he sees rugs with letters in front lobby. 


Children love Arkaso activities 

“Kiran” says “you came too soon” whenever her mom picks her up early from school, because she does not like to miss art and crafts and gym time at school.

“Hrithik” wakes up early, goes to the fridge and puts food on a plate.  Then he takes the plate to his sleeping mom and asks her to cook it so he can eat and go to school.


Arkaso makes learning fun!!!

A teacher had to tell 3 year old Susan to stop working since it was lunch time but she really wanted to finish her school work.

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